August update, 2015

Following our January consultation event we have been in workshop sessions with Bath & North East Somerset officers to progress the Comprehensive Masterplan, as well as continuing to commission site assessment work across the whole of the Sulis Down. 

This has involved a considerable amount of further work and consequently the masterplan process is likely to reach a conclusion towards the end of the year. We continue to work closely with Sulis Manor and Odd Down Football Club as part of the on-going assessment work.   

A constraints and opportunities plan together with a working draft of the Comprehensive Masterplan has emerged from the first workshop session, which will be put on our website soon. It should be emphasised that this is still work in progress and that at least one further workshop is scheduled with Council officers and with statutory agencies. Following this process, we shall reconvene a further public exhibition of our work and the emerging masterplan.  Much of this work follows the Placemaking Principles that are linked to the planning policy for Sulis Down, with the intention that in preparing the Comprehensive Masterplan, a full understanding of the potential impacts is reached and steps taken to avoid, reduce or mitigate such impacts.

There are a considerable number of technical surveys taking place on Sulis Down and these will continue into the autumn, following completion of the harvest. These include specific shallow trenching, as part of the archaeological assessment; a comprehensive suite of ecological surveys ; a light survey; and geotechnical and stability work. My intention is to give you further information of these surveys as they arise however, please note that on the 14th & 15th of August the floodlights at the Odd Down Football Club ground will be switched on from 20:30-00:30. We apologise for any disruption this may cause however we need to undertake a comprehensive light survey of Sulis Down including existing sources of light.