It is important
to realise the opportunities from the proposed community, the site’s assets can be used to bring identity to it just as Bath’s 18th Century developers achieved.


Consultation Programme

Specialists have looked in detail at matters such as archaeology, ecology, history, arboriculture, ground conditions, drainage, access and movement, and wildlife. In addition to this technical evidence we are also very keen to understand the thoughts and ideas of the local community.

We realise that to understand the factors, physical and social which should influence the form development takes we need to listen carefully to local people as well as the technical specialists.

It is also important to realise the opportunities from the proposed community. This might be through its convenience to public transport routes and local employers, or how the site’s assets such as historical features and views can be used to bring identity and place to it just as Bath’s 18th Century builder/developers achieved.


A Conversation with the Community


It is now common practice for planning applications to be put on display for public comment prior to submission, but at Sulis Down the approach is more comprehensive. Starting in November 2014 a three stage public consultation has allowed us to really look in depth at every consideration.

Click here to download the emerging Sulis Down consultation report.

The consultation report is a work in progress document which will be updated and refined during the planning process before eventually being submitted as a Statement of Community Engagement to Bath & North East Somerset Council. We decided to take the unusual step of publishing it in a work in progress form so that you can see how we are recording the consultation process.


November 2014, First Public Exhibition: The purpose of this first exhibition was to explain the process, the vision for the site and gain an understanding of local thoughts. The Placemaking Principles which were adopted in the BANES Core Strategy formed the spine of the discussion. Feedback from the public was then used to shape the initial guiding principles for discussion.
January 2015, Planning Workshops: The planning workshops brought together local residents, councillors and interest groups to look in depth at the Placemaking Principles and points raised at the first public exhibition. Following the workshops, work has begun on the comprehensive masterplan and there will be considerable discussion between the Sulis Down project team and Planning Officers at BANES.
In November 2015 a further consultation session was held including an exhibition, online engagement and a brochure. The proposals included two masterplan options for the site, an update on the surveys and studies undertaken and an indication of the architectural style.
Ongoing Consultation: Throughout the process there will be regular updates via the website and mailing list and anyone can leave feedback via the website.